Model FM and HM

FM series, side-mounted level sensor, is manufactured specifically for level detection in clean liquids such as oils, water and chemicals. It is designed for horizontal mounting in a tank or vessel through flanged or threaded connections. To suit many different level sensing situations, a wide variety of models are available. Model HM is available for small sizes sensor.

Features of model FM:

  • Simple installation.

  • Durable Float.

  • Stainless steel construction.

  • Reliability/Long switch life.

  • Low cost.

  • Can be use for small application (for model HM only).

Type of FM and HM series:

FM-11: Standard type.

FM-12: Double contact type.

FM-13: Thread mounting type.

FM-14: Long stem type.

FM-16: Interface detection.

HM-10: Micro Switch.


Catalog: Model FM and HM English Catalog 2013 Edition


FM-11 Drawing | FM-12 Drawing | FM-13 Drawing | FM-14 Drawing | FM-16 Drawing

HM-10 Drawing


FM-11 Specification | FM-12 Specification | FM-13 Specification | FM-14 Specification | FM-16 Specification

HM-10 Specification


FM Manual, August 31th, 1999 | FM-16 Manual, August 31th, 1999

HM-10 Manual, March 1st, 2012