Model FP

FP series pneumatic liquid level sensor is a diaphragm actuated sensor. It is designed for use in high viscous liquids. The moving part is only diaphragm, which is not contact with the liquid, moved by the compressed air inside of pipe and chamber.

  • FP series cover the wide range of applications.Type of FP series:FP-1A: with neoprene diaphragm, for general usage.

  • FP-1S: with Viton diaphragm, for corrosive atmosphere.

  • FP-3: with neoprene diaphragm, for cost effective.

  • FP510: approved as flameproof construction (d2G4) by Technical Institute of Industrial Safety (TIIS), Japanese Minister of Labor.

Features of Model FP

  • Low cost: Requires only a standard 1/2" pipe in a material compatible with the liquid.

  • Simple installation: Requires only a G1" connection at the top of the tank.

  • Reliable: FP employs a minimum of moving parts. The diaphragm moves a maximum of 2mm. No moving parts are in contact with the liquids.

  • Long life expectancy: FP is designed for over 200,000 operations.


Catalog: Model FP English Catalog 2013 Edition

Leaflet: Model FP English Leaflet April 1st, 2013 Rev. 0


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